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V-G Sensory : Professionals in sensory analysis since 1999

Sensory analysis is the evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics of a product - aspect, smell, (mouth)feel, sound, taste - by a human panel in order to understand how exactly a product is perceived and/or appreciated.

These may involve subjective consumer preferences or objective product quantifications by a trained panel of experts.
There are multiple applications in various sectors : food, food contact materials , feed, textiles , household products, cosmetics,...

Professionals since 1999

Reliable results require a solid statistical basis and a proper experimental design and test organisation.

For this V-G Sensory disposes of the necessary expertise and the right framework thanks to its many years of experience and its international network.


The product is placed in the spotlights.
Understanding the market position and the strengths and weaknesses of the test products offer direct tools to optimize your products.

Advanced sensory techniques provide insight into the gaps in the market and how your products can exploit them.

Difference tests enable scientifically supported product choices and provide independent expertise in litigation.


V-G Sensory works for both multinationals and SME's in Belgium and abroad .

We believe in dialogue : the combination of your product knowledge and our sensory expertise provides the answers to your questions.

The testimonials of our customers speak for themselves :

We are very pleased to have chosen VG Sensory to provide multi-sensory learning opportunities for our business. I would like to thank the team for the advice, service, quality and flexibility and look forward continue our sensory work in the near future. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

Karin Loobuyck, Int. Sensory & Market Research Manager - Barry Callebaut

For many years I know V-G Sensory as a very reliable partner for our sensory research. The personal approach ensures close cooperation that goes beyond the results of the report.

Veerle De Jonghe, Product Development Manager – Freshmeals

Quick service, top professional and right next door : V-G Sensory is the ideal partner for consumer research in Belgium !

Karel Piron, Int. Product Manager B2B - Vandemoortele Lipids

V-G Sensory is customer-oriented and combines professionalism with excellent service!

Frank Eertmans, R&D Project Leader - Oystershell

V-G Sensory is a professional organisation with lots of experience in organoleptic analysis. I experienced a flexible collaboration, searching TOGETHER with the client for the best way to organize a sensory test.

Koen De Wilde, Product Development & Technology Manager – Terbeke

Accurate and reliable sensory research, efficient project management, result processing with clear recommendations, a relevant nicheplayer in the research domain.

Carine Vaeremans, Marketing Director - Friesland Campina

Openness and flexibility, far from evident. For future sensory analysis we first contact V-G-Sensory.

Kees Paradies, Sales- & Exportmanager bij Cono Kaasmakers