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with China as the youngest member of our sensory community!
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Enkel sonja bijgewerkt

Our chocolate expert panel celebrates her 10th birthday

with this great new tool ‘Dare to Flavor box’ created by Barry Callebaut and Givaudan, based on the book Hidden persuaders of Cocoa and Chocolate (Renata Januszewska)
Ready for another 10 years of chocolate profiling!


Plant-based Foods: Will They Stay?

A new study by The NPD Group forecasts that plant-based foods do have staying power. “However, if the flavor profile falls below consumers’ expectations, then the product will likely have a short run,” says Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst.
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Targeted acceptance tests with flexitarians and vegetarians offer the necessary support in this regard.

VG 20 years
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Started as a pioneer in 1999 and has since grown into an established name and international reference for qualitative sensory research: time for a new look and feel!

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Plastic bag

Single-use plastic ban in 2021: Are you ready?

Our Food Contact Material experts evaluate the organoleptic impact of alternative materials on food and offer you professional support during the transition.