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Our answers to your questions :

How to organize in-company sensory tests ?
How to screen an internal expert panel ?
How to design a sensory test room ?
How to process the results ?

Client-tailored advice

Thanks to its many years of experience V-G Sensory has developed a thorough knowledge in the sensory domain, providing the perfect base to screen and support the sensory activities within companies.
We can organize for you a screening of internal staff for an in-company expert panel and help you to optimize sensory test methods and infrastructure with hands-on advice.
We realize not every company disposes of the same resources and therefore we suggest very specific low-budget guidelines to enable internal product trials as accurately as possible.

Hands-on workshops

Beside tailored solutions V-G Sensory can also organize hands-on workshops, currently only in Dutch. In these workshops the theory is immediately converted into practice by several short tests in our sensory lab.
After these workshops the participants should be able to set up a sensory test, know how to organize the fieldwork correctly and process the sensory data, within the company context.

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