V–G Sensory

Does the consumer :

... like the product ?
... find the product too salty or not salty enough ?
... prefer the product to a competitor ?
How to improve the acceptance of a product ?
What are the drivers of liking ?

How much does the consumer APPRECIATE the product ?

Acceptance or consumer tests analyse the opinion of the consumer : does he (dis)like a product, what could be better (taste, odour, texture, appearance), which product is preferred ?
We can also take a closer look at the intensity of product characteristics : does the consumer thinks the seasoning is too strong / too weak or just right - is the consistency too limp / too firm or just fine ?
This gives a good insight in the market position of products, delivers concrete tools to optimize product acceptance to R&D and substantiated arguments to salespeople.

V-G Sensory stands for a scientific approach and distinguishes itself from the traditional market research by :

  • targeted panel recruitment from its own database according to the target population of the test product (no on-the-spot recruitment) - more info in panels
  • a professional test infrastructure (cfr ISO 8589) with individual testing booths : controlled test conditions that guarantee acceptance differences between test products that are actually assigned to the products and not to any external bias - more info in test locations
  • self-completion questionnaires : no influence by a questioner
    Each test booth is equipped with a computer on which the participants can complete a digital questionnaire. V-G Sensory uses specific software for the programming of sometimes very complex test designs and for the quick and correct processing of elaborate data sets.
    For inhome tests the participants complete an online questionnaire.

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