V–G Sensory

Difference tests answer questions such as :

Is there a perceptible difference between products ?
Can I replace an ingredient without the consumer noticing anything in the end-product ?
Does a change in the processing / machinery influences the end-product ?

A closer look at a small difference

A difference test determines whether a perceptible sensory difference exists between samples of two similar products. The conclusion of this type of test is a yes/no answer, possibly extended with an identification of the difference and/or a quantification of the difference.

There are various difference tests, comparing two products or more, with or without specifying the nature of the difference to assess. The test objectives determine the most appropriate method.

If a difference test reveals a perceptible difference this doesn't necessarily mean that there is also a difference in acceptance between the products. Product preferences can not be deducted from a difference test. Therefor you need to set up a separate consumer acceptance test (see quantitative consumer tests)

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