V–G Sensory

Scrutinize your product

What is the sensory fingerprint, the sensory profile of your product ?
How sweet is your product perceived ?
On which attributes does your product differ from competitive products ?
How big are the product differences ?

How IS the product?

A sensory profile gives an objective view of a product : how is the product perceived ?

Product profiling is performed by a trained panel of experts. These experts function in fact as a human measuring instrument and quantify the organoleptic aspects of a product regardless of their personal preferences.
Just like measuring instruments an expert panel needs to be calibrated to perform well and deliver reliable results, in this case by means of product specific training sessions - see panels for more info.

The results of a detailed product profiling can be represented in a spiderweb chart : the sensory fingerprint of a product. This is a visual representation of the sensory ID of a product and of the intrinsic product differences.

However if you wish to gain insight in how the product is appreciated, a hedonic or consumer test is the appropriate approach.

The combination of expert data and consumer acceptances enables to define the optimal level of the organoleptic characteristics and the drivers of liking.

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