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Food Contact Materials

Does my packaging influences the flavour of the packed product ?
How to prove / refute an off-flavour claim ?
Which printing ink is best to use on the package of a specific product (type) ?
Is the smell of a package acceptable to use in (in)direct contact with foodstuff ?
How to substantiate a declaration of agreement on Food Contact Materials ?

"Sensory proof" packaging guaranteed

Food contact materials - FCM in short - can provoke off-flavours in foodstuff, not only by direct but also by indirect contact. Therefore the possible sources are very diverse : (secondary) packagings, coatings, adhesives , printing inks on labels or enclosed product brochures and even products that have been stored or transported in the same room.
This results in a wide range of possible off-flavours, difficult to predict.
Furthermore the off-flavours are product-specific : the same packaging material can be rejected for one product and perfectly acceptable for another product.
All this makes FCM off-flavours a complex issue in which V-G Sensory can provide the necessary support.

FCM off-flavour tests can be split up in 2 categories : sniffing tests on the FCM and tastings of foodstuff (or a representative simulant) that has been in (in)direct contact with the FCM. In both tests an FCM expert panel evaluates and/or quantifies the odd smell or taste.

V-G Sensory disposes of a thoroughly screened FCM panel (see panels) that can be recruited depending on the sensitivity for target molecules in various materials : paper and cardboard, plastics, printing inks,...
This panel and our knowhow can help you to provide an independent scientific proof of the legally required declaration of product conformity for the use as a food contact material.

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