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Test locations

Product assessment in a sensory lab under controlled circumstances is the best guarantee for reliable results, not biased by any variable external influence.
V-G Sensory disposes of 2 test locations in Belgium (North - South) and a broad international network.

Besides product assessment in sensory lab it is also possible to organise inhome tests.

Sensory lab

V-G Sensory disposes of 2 state-of-the-art sensory labs equipped according to the ISO-standard 8589 with 26 test booths in both parts of Belgium :

1 test location with 14 test booths in Deinze, near Ghent, for the Dutch speaking Flemings (see pictures)

1 test location in Gembloux, near Namur, for the French speaking Walloons (see pictures)

Both test locations dispose of a fully equipped kitchen that enables to prepare and test all product types correctly.

International network

Consumer preferences are determined by eating habits and by the products available on the local market. Acceptance tests therefore need to be organised in the country where the test products are (planned to be) marketed.

Over the years V-G Sensory has created an international network with partners following the same high standards. This enables standardized consumer testings within a continuously growing international framework . Experimental design , coordination and reporting remain in the hands of V-G Sensory , only the fieldwork is executed by our local partners.

Vice versa, as an international reference within sensory analysis, V-G Sensory also organizes Belgian consumer tests for several foreign test agencies.

Inhome tests

Although inhome tests are more time consuming, more expensive and more biased, it is sometimes preferable to organize an inhome test instead of a test in a sensory lab.
To assess products after a longer period of use, during product preparation or to test satiation effects an inhome test might be the right choice.

The test products are picked up by or send to the participants and used for a certain period. At the end of this period the participants fill out an (online) questionnaire. Also intermediate ratings can be asked to study the evolution in acceptance.