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Support for the fight against cancer

During our annual campaign, VG Sensory donates 1 Euro for each completed survey to various initiatives in the fight against cancer. In addition, the participants themselves can also contribute without obligation by donating part of their panel fee.
Our last campaign raised no less than 4,000 euros: 2,150 euros goes to Think Pink and 1,850 to Villa Zomernest, a walk-in home for cancer patients and their loved ones.

As usual, we also support the QuizFriends who raised 6,000 euros this year in aid of the Children's Cancer Fund: congratulations!

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Support for the environment and against poverty

Appliances in need of replacement are given a second life through local poverty associations.
Leftovers from a taste test find their way to tasters' pets and surplus test products go to organisations that distribute food parcels.
And preschoolers can get creative with empty packaging!