VG Sensory was founded in 1999 from an academic background in the sensory sciences and has since become the reference for reliable, quality consumer research.

Started at our head office in Deinze, a second test location is soon set up in Gembloux to be able to question Walloon consumers in addition to the Flemish. In the meantime, we continue expanding our international network in order to be able to organize acceptance tests worldwide.

Our panel has grown with us and now consists of an elaborate and diverse pool of consumers, supertasters, experts and even pets.

We are able to build on broad expertise in 18 different food and non-food product categories, for market leaders and SMEs, ranging from raw material and packaging suppliers through producers to retailers and universities.

Sensory techniques and analysis methods have also developed in the meantime, so that today we are equipped with an extensive toolbox, suitable for finding a solid solution to each sensory challenge.


  • Evelien

    Evelien Goossens

    I graduated in 1995 as bio-engineer and was active for several years as quality manager at a food company.
    Faced with the need for professional sensory support, in 1999 Hilde and I took up the challenge to put sensory analysis on the map in Belgium.
    +32 (0)9 381 57 94
  • Hilde

    Hilde Vanaerde

    I graduated as bio-engineer in 1995.
    I set up a sensory department for the vegetable auction.
    Passionate about the topic, I took up the challenge in 1999 to independently broaden my sensory project to encompass the entire food industry.
    +32 (0)9 381 57 93