Our unique Food Contact Material (FCM) expert panel offers an answer to your packaging-related sensory questions:

Is there any perceptible off-flavour in the packed product?
Can I switch to alternative packaging without perceptible differences in the packaged product?
If there is a perceptible difference, is it (un)acceptable to the consumer?
Are the barrier capacities of the packaging sufficient?
Can I extend the sensory shelf life with different packaging?
Which packagings are suited to my product and which are not?
Which printing ink on the packaging is best suited so that the packed product is not affected?

We issue a scientifically based SENSORY CERTIFICATE to support your declaration of conformity in accordance with European legislation.

Tools: methods in accordance with the Robinson test and the standards: EN 1230, DIN 10955, ISO 13302, ISO 8589, ISO 8586; difference tests: scoring test - triangle test - ranking test - paired comparison test - multiple comparison test - difference from reference test